Ice cream, anyone?

I submitted my paper to a journal which is famous for publishing second class papers, thinking that my paper, which is obviously superior to the average paper published on Evolutionaty Psychology (the little journal of just so stories for kids), would get a fair hearing. However, my hopes were shattered when a board of experts decided that it was not suitable for the journal. Of course, in the best of totalitarian tradition, reasons were not provided for the rejection. This shows how a few gatekeepers decide to stop ideas from becoming public if they do not conform to their tastes. You, the know it all who rejected my paper, do you know that science is not like buying an ice cream? You cannot simply say “I want chocolate, I do not want strawberry”. You need to justify your decisions. Othwerwise, how can you expect authors to justify their hypotheses with sound empirical evidence? But of course you do not know what science really is. Icecream, Bern Hard Funk?

DearĀ …..,

Thank you for your submission to Evolutionary Psychology. We have given your submission full attention. However, after consultation with the Editorial board, we have decided that your manuscript is not suitable for publication in Evolutionary Psychology, and thus won’t be sent out for in-depth review. I am sorry for being the bearer of what must be negative news. The Editors of Evolutionary Psychology aim to give quick feedback particularly with submissions, which are unlikely to get accepted even after in depth review and/or revision. Alas your submission falls into this category and was therefore rejected at this stage.

Best of luck with your work.